Weight Loss Challenge / Level 10

Find all the documentation you will need to start and run a Weight Loss Challenge or Level 10 Challenge. Click on the link to open the file or to download it right onto your computer. You will be able to find all downloads in your downloads folder.


WLC Manual

WLC Website Manual

WLC Customer Tracking Spreadsheet

WLC Nutrition – Dr Luigi Gratton

WLC 2016 Campaign Posters

WLC 2016 Invite – Female

WLC 2016 Invite – Male

WLC Facebook Banner

WLC 2016 Social Media – Female

WLC 2016 Social Media – Male

WLC Meal Plan Week 1

WLC Meal Plan Week 2

WLC Meal Plan Week 3

Week 1 Presentation: Protein

Week 2 Presentation: Snacking

Week 3 Presentation: Metabolism

Week 4 Presentation: Carbohydrates

Week 5 Presentation: Food Labels

Week 6 Presentation: Fibre

Week 7 Presentation: Dining Out

Week 8 Presentation: Bone Health

Week 9 Presentation: Sugar

Week 10 Presentation: Exercise

Week 11 Presentation: Heart Health

Week 12 Presentation: Maintenance

Certificates: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place


Level 10 Guide

Level 10 Customer Guide

Level 10 Customer Rules and Conditions

Level 10 Member Rules and Conditions

Level 10 Consent Form

Level 10 Fact Sheet: Body Fat Loss

Level 10 Fact Sheet: Building Muscle